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Frugal Tips on Saving Money

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Are you a coffee lover? Do you tend to go to coffee shops every few days or everyday? Are you also trying to save money and reach some financial goals? If you are, I may have the perfect solution for you!!

Do you realize that if you drink coffee at Starbucks 3 times a week @ $5/drink that equals $15/week, $60/month and $780 a year?? That amount of money would be a good way to build an emergency fund, payoff a credit card, or accomplish any other financial goal that you have!

So how can you get the caffeinated pick me up that you desperately crave to deal with all the stress of daily life yet not hurt your wallet in the meantime?? (not to mention the amount of calories in some of those drinks, omg!!)

Make your coffee at home!!

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Learn how to make an easy cup of hot or iced coffee at home (I prefer mine iced!)

Okay so I am not a food blogger, I don’t have an amazing off the chart recipe that I use. I like to keep things simple & easy so that I can do it daily and it doesn’t take much effort. (If you want a more advanced recipe check out recipes on Pinterest!)

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Iced Coffee Recipe

**If you like hot coffee do use the same recipe but don’t put the coffee on ice!

I start by making a pot of coffee (follow the instructions on the coffee). (I love Dunkin Donuts but it is one of the most expensive ones).

Once the coffee is ready I put it in a glass container and place it in the fridge. An hour later or in the morning I fill up a 24 oz tumbler with ice and pour in the coffee three-fourths of the way. Next I put in about a fourth of a cup of almond milk. Third I put in about 2-3 tablespoons of coffee syrup (this is absolutely critical and luckily it’s sugar free & has no calories). Finally I top it with whipped cream if I have any, and a caramel or chocolate sauce.

Don’t worry too much about the measurements, just eyeball it, taste it and adjust to your preference!

Stir everything together and you are done! It literally tastes amazing!

This is just how I like to make it. The beauty is that you can make it however tastes best to your preference 🙂 

Here’s a picture of my coffee below!


Here are some examples of the products: – Dunkin Donuts Coffee – Folgers Coffee – McCafe Coffee – Coffee Syrup (critical**) – Caramel & Chocolate Sauce (heavenly)


Here are some examples of the supplies: – under $20 Coffee Maker – Glass Container – Tumblers – Stainless Steel Straws (these are all the rage right now lol)

You can buy them directly from Amazon (no need to if you already have something similar). I also encourage you to do comparison shopping at Walmart or Costco (if you have a membership). I personally buy my coffee at Costco and most of my coffee supplies at Walmart or Ross.

These links just give you an idea of what to look for!

The finished product tastes amazing, is inexpensive and is low in calories. 3 wins in a row! Not to mention you get your caffeine pick me up and actually save time too because you don’t have to go in the store or wait in the drive through (those lines get crazy!).

Do you have a favorite coffee recipe? Let us know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!

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xoxo, Kylie

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  1. Brenda says:

    You cannot make an entire pot of coffee with 3 to 4 tablespoons of coffee and then add a half cup of milk to it, and make it taste ANYTHING like coffee house coffee. Sorry but that sounds like milky water with a coffee aftertaste. If you are trying to get people to change from drinking coffee house coffee you need to give them something that’s at least viably similar. It’s nice you want to help people save money but your coffee would need to be much stronger.

    1. Kylie says:

      Hi Brenda,

      Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. This is honestly how I make my coffee everyday and I enjoy it. I did forget to mention I use a small coffee pot that makes about 4-5 cups of coffee. If you have a larger one then yes it will need more. I will adjust the amount of milk in the post, I may have put too much since I rarely measure it. People can make their coffee at home in what ever rations work best for them! The beauty of it is that they can buy whatever brand they like and use as much as they like and it will still save them money. My goal is just to share what has been working for me. Please feel free to do what works best for you!

      Thank you,

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