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109 FREE Things to do on a No-Spend Weekend

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Have you wondered how you could possibly have fun over the weekend without spending much or any money? Have you thought, “it is pretty impossible to have fun for free these days” at all?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (released in Sept. 2018), Consumer Expenditure for entertainment on average in 2017 was $266/month or $3,203 a year!

Honestly depending on the city that you live in, this number could be much higher! I live in beautiful San Diego, and I’m pretty sure that San Diegans spend more than that a month on entertainment because of all of the delicious restaurants, events, festivals, etc. that are readily available. I know your city probably has a lot of great hot spots too!

While it is fun to splurge on entertainment occasionally, if you are trying to get out of debt or build up your savings account, it would be wise to take some time to learn about free ways to entertain you and your family. My family lives a very frugal lifestyle so we really appreciate and value the times when we can splurge because it is not a common occurrence. We’ve learned to not take things for granted.

Just think, if you put an extra $200/month towards debt how much faster you would be debt free! Or if you put the money into a savings or retirement account, how much more money you would have at the end of the year!

If you are ready and willing to learn new entertainment habits but just can’t get any ideas on where to begin having fun for free, I took the time to compile a list of ideas just for you! I do a lot of these activities myself, and even though my friends and family go on lavish vacations or eat expensive meals, I hardly feel like I am missing out. Sometimes the simple things in life are all we really need to be happy, especially if they are helping us get out of debt and build wealth!


109 FREE Things to do on a No-Spend Weekend


  1. Go on a hike
  2. Make a picnic and take it to a park
  3. Take a bike ride
  4. Camp in your own backyard
  5. Spend time at a local park
  6. Go to a free yoga class
  7. Go to watch the sunset
  8. Bird watch
  9. Feed the ducks at a lake
  10. Take your dog to a dog park
  11. Clean up a local beach

At Home

  1. Clean your house
  2. Organize paperwork
  3. Scan paperwork into digital files
  4. Declutter your items
  5. Host a garage sale
  6. Sell items on Poshmark, Ebay, Craigslist, & Facebook Marketplace
  7. Donate unwanted items to your local thrift store
  8. Do arts & crafts with items you already have
  9. Read a book or magazine
  10. Watch videos on YouTube
  11. Bake cookies for work, a neighbor, family or a friend
  12. Host a potluck with friends and family
  13. Do yard work
  14. Change out your seasonal clothes
  15. Wash your car
  16. Clip coupons from the mail
  17. Take online surveys
  18. Family movie night
  19. Research new recipes that you want to try
  20. Go through old photos and reminisce
  21. Swap books or movies with a friend
  22. Give your partner a massage
  23. Help an elderly neighbor or family member
  24. Binge watch a tv series you love
  25. Rearrange your furniture

Self Improvement

  1. Take a bubble bath and relax
  2. Make a facemask with common kitchen products
  3. Make a sugar scrub out of olive oil and brown sugar
  4. Learn a new DIY project from YouTube
  5. Set personal and professional goals
  6. Do your budget
  7. Meal Prep for the week
  8. Read a non-fiction book on self improvement
  9. Create boards on Pinterest with ideas you want to try
  10. Meditate
  11. Go to church
  12. Call a friend
  13. Write a friend a message on social media
  14. Video chat a friend or family member
  15. Create a bucket list
  16. Write in a gratitude journal
  17. Research a new place you want to visit
  18. Do a workout from a DVD, YouTube, or Pinterest
  19. Research a new skill that you want to learn
  20. Write a book or short story
  21. Research ways to create passive income
  22. Fill in your planner for the week & month
  23. Go to a support group
  24. Check out books at the local library
  25. Make a vision board out of items you already have
  26. Do a DIY manicure & pedicure
  27. Clean out your email inbox
  28. Unsubscribe from old newsletters
  29. Find new newsletters that you want to subscribe to
  30. Start a YouTube channel
  31. Go to networking events through
  32. Go to a toastmasters meeting
  33. Take a free online workshop
  34. Download your 3 free credit reports

With Kids

  1. Game night at home
  2. Movie night at the local library
  3. Fly a kite at a park
  4. Build a blanket fort in the living room
  5. Read their favorite books
  6. Go rock collecting
  7. Play sports at a park
  8. Go for a nature walk
  9. Blow bubbles outside
  10. Star gaze
  11. Go swimming in a community pool
  12. Draw pictures for family members
  13. Play dress up
  14. Ride a bike
  15. Do homework
  16. Run through the sprinklers
  17. Go to a local playground
  18. Play video games
  19. Create homemade videos
  20. Go to a Home Depot Kids Workshop
  21. Bake a treat together

In the Community

  1. Free movie night in the park
  2. Volunteer at a local animal shelter
  3. Volunteer at a local homeless shelter
  4. Drive around site seeing
  5. Go to an open house nearby
  6. Go to a lake or to the beach
  7. Go to a museum on a free day
  8. Go to a free concert in the park
  9. Go to the zoo if you have a zoo pass already
  10. Visit free local landmarks
  11. Go window shopping
  12. Go to the gym if you have a membership
  13. Go to a local bookstore, sit and read a new book
  14. Google free things to do in your city
  15. Go to a free brewery tour
  16. Go to a free festival
  17. Go to a free art show
  18. Go to a classic car show

Please comment below regarding your best free activities to do on the weekends so we can all learn from each other. I’m excited to hear what you have to share!

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Free activities
109 Free activites for a No-Spend Weekend- Download Now!

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